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JockStat.com is a unique sports social networking website that supports and protects your most prized possession, your stats. Members of JockStat.com can track and improve their personal sports performance through the use of statistic data. JockStat athletes can monitor their game, season, and career statistics while social networking with fellow teammates, players, and coaches.

JockStat.com is the perfect website to track your stats for any age and any Jock or Jill. But the best part is JockStat.com is FREE.

Whether you play baseball, softball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, tennis, whether you run competitively or just for exercise, or whether you swim, cycle or compete in any other sport, you can track your scores, records, schedule or times. How? By using JockStat.com's interactive profile and database customized just for you.

JockStat.com is the perfect online tool to analyze statistics for youth, high school, college, and adult sports leagues, or even your regular golfing crew.

JockStat.com allows you to connect with athletes all around the country. You can view their statistics, compare data and become friends with others who share your interests. Consider it your personal sports tracker that anyone can join without charge.